Commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the Asamblea del Pueblo de San Dionisio del Mar


This January the 29th of 2023, the San Dionisio del Mar People’s Assembly celebrated eleven years since its inauguration as well as the beginning of the defense of its land and territory.

Last Sunday, the mareño people once again called together men and women to gather in the town’s casino, where they shared a message of struggle, gratitude, and recognition of self-determination. This message has been consolidated by the people of San Dionisio del Mar to prevent transnational companies from settling in the community, who are mainly wind power companies that stalked the region.

As CODIGO DH we accompany and share another anniversary with the members of the assembly that is now represented by Vicente Orozco Bartolo, wishing that the new generations will be the ones to continue this path that began eleven years ago. A path that has been a great example for the surrounding communities, that also celebrate and support the people of San Dionisio del Mar.

Sara Méndez Morales, representative of CODIGODH, shared: “San Dionisio del Mar has fought for its right to territory, it has fought to decide which projects it wants and which it does not want, women and men have fought in general for their rights, for their right to work and women for their rights to live a life free of violence, and as a collective they are learning about their rights as indigenous people.”

The event was also attended by authorities from the municipality of Juchitán de Zaragoza, the municipal agency of Chicapa de Castro, residents of Huamuchil, as well as fishing units and the general population.