Pronouncement of CODIGO DH regarding the assassination of defender Abraham Hérnandez

No more #defensorES at risk

The 17th of July 2018 at 11:30 am men dressed in military uniforms, hooded and armed burst into Abraham Hernández González’ house in the community Salchi, San Pedro Pochutla in the Mexican state Oaxaca. They violently took him away from his home in a gray van with license plates RH-70-92 and escorted by motorcyclists. Even when the police was alerted, there were no major attempts locating him and around five hours later he was found dead close to the mentioned community.

We as Codigo DH manifest our concern for this and other attack which human right defenders, journalists and activists have been suffering in the Oaxacan regions Costa, Sierra Sur and the Isthmus de Tehuantepec. An increase in the presence of the organized crime shown by this and other similar incidents spreads an climate of insecurity, fear, impotence and impunity there.

We call upon the three levels of government to end violence and hostilities towards human right defenders in these areas. You are directly responsible for the neglect and inattention in which we are when we should rejoice guaranties to perform our work of promoting and defending Human Rights and fundamental liberties.