San Dionisio del Mar commemorates “Día de las Tierras Comunales”

On February 16th of 1970, the communal lands of San Dionisio del Mar were recognized and titled by presidential resolution. Since that year the community, authorities, and schools commemorate this date with a parade, remembering the delivery of the communal lands.

This year, having just concluded the election process of the Commissariat of Communal Property, the parade was led by Rusbel Pablo Ramírez, president of the Commissariat, with the participation of the General Assembly of San Dionisio del Mar.

We recall that the community did not have such an agrarian authority for the past five years. This is the first time that a representative of the Assembly is in office. Rusbel Pablo has committed to consult and debate on carrying out work in consensus with the community members, stating in a communiqué: “for 10 years we have been rejecting the wind energy company, I remain firm on this issue.”

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