CFE meets San Dionisio del Mar’s demands at the Assembly’s request

Asamblea de San Dionisio del Mar en diálogo con CFE

On March 1st, the Assembly of San Dionisio del Mar held a dialogue with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) at the request of users of the electricity service in the community, who saw their electricity bills increase for no apparent reason, being reason for their protest at the entrance to the community.

Among the non-conformities denounced are:
1. The maintenance of the high voltage line because the electric power often goes out and they are not attended to in a timely and immediate manner.
2. The electricity bills are very high, even though they consume the same amount.
3. There are poles and structures in poor condition, among others.

The working minutes have been delivered to the government delegation of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and signed by CP Juan García Solano, Head of Customer Service of the CFE. It is expected that the demands of the population will soon be met, and the Assembly and local authorities will be watching for compliance with the agreements.

CODIGO DH expresses its solidarity with the community due to the constant power outages they have been suffering and which affect everyone, especially children and adolescents of school age.