Susana Ramírez is Released without Chargues

*Defender Susana Ramirez was released due the lack of crime elements against her, after more than 34 hours arbitrarily detained.

*CODIGO DH condemns the arbitrary arrests on May 1st made by the municipal police and requires an investigation committed to the law.

On past May 1st a protest was conducted in the City of Oaxaca, in which several confrontations occurred between protesters and the municipal police, this originated the detention of 28 people, in between them 7 minors. Most of them where arbitrary detentions and where against young people that were in that place, such is the case of the defender Susana Ramirez, whose guarantees where violated to an owing legal process from the moment of her detention.

The detentions where arbitrary since on most cases there was no felony, the people arrested where not informed about the crimes that where accused for, other irregularities detected referred that part of the inform of the Municipal Police was presented at 3 a.m., time by which then people detained where finally under disposition of the State Court. This means that 14 hours passed without any formal accusation, violating with this the principles of fast and impartial justice.

Due this, a Mexican “amparo” was interposed for the lack of communication, the arbitrary detentions and the absence of some part of the informative of the municipal police that made the detentions. “Amparo” that was conceded by the Judge of the 1st District of May 2nd.

Concerning the acts of the authorities we must say that the police and officials of the municipality of Oaxaca de Juarez in every moment criminalized the people arrested and generated accusations without any basis, as it’s read in the news of the municipality: version that was retaken by the local media where the accusers are all of them municipal police men.

The detention of Susana Ramirez is also an example of criminalization of young people and human rights defenders. We could document the appearance of messages and supposed pictures of Susana that contribute to the criminalization of the labor of defense of human rights in the State of Oaxaca.

We reiterate, “every person has a right to individual or collectively, promote and procure the protection and construction of the human rights and the fundamental guarantees in national or international views” as its read on article 1 of the Declaration for the right and obligation of the individuals, groups or institutions of promoting and protecting human rights and the fundamental guarantees universally recognized, now being part of the constitutional block from the federal reform in human rights matters.