Urgent Action: Oaxaca Land Rights Defenders Threatened

Amnesty International has issued an URGENT ACTION on account of threats to Oaxacan land rights defenders organisation Codigo DH, due to their accompaniment of the APPJ (Popular Assembly of the People of Juchitan)  in the Isthmus de Tehuantepec, eastern region of the state of Oaxaca. The defenders are being constantly threatened for opposing to Gas Natural Fenosa’s construction of the wind farm “Bii Hioxo and the persistence of various legal procedures (the geographical feature of this narrow strip, linking the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, is the constant wind speed, which has attracted investment in 28 parks projected for the region, fifteen have already been completed). In the last month these have increased while different levels of government carry out incomplete and fraudulent “consultations” in order to endorse new wind parks in the region as well as the relocation of a section of company “Mareña Renovables’s” wind park, today known as “Eolica del Sur”, to Juchitan territory. (See more here)

A valid consultation should have be based on free, previous and informed  consent  of all the members of the indigenous communities affected, which includes reliable, precise and accessible information on the impacts of the projects, as indicated by Amnesty International.

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