Pronouncement| One more communicator assassinated in Oaxaca tests the new criminal justice system

Last sunday, June 26th, Salvador Olmos García, broadcaster of the age of 31, communicator and community defender, was deprived of his life. He died at 6.30 am in the general hospital de Huajuapan. His body presented a number of contusions and fractures in various parts of the body; the evidence found at the crime scene Leer másPronouncement| One more communicator assassinated in Oaxaca tests the new criminal justice system[…]

Acción Urgente | Necesario aclarar atropellamiento por policías a periodista comunitario que falleció

ACCIÓN URGENTE Policías municipales atropellan a radialista y defensor de tierras y comunidades mixtecas Salvador Olmos fallece a consecuencia de las heridas ocasionadas Salvador Olmo García, 31 años, era radialista y periodista comunitario, colaboraba con la radio comunitaria Tuun Ñuu Savi, ubicada en la Normal de esta localidad, donde colaboraba en el programa Pitaya Negra. Leer másAcción Urgente | Necesario aclarar atropellamiento por policías a periodista comunitario que falleció[…]

¿Quién fue Jesús Cadena?

El día de ayer, martes 21 de junio, Oaxaca amanecía de luto. Tras los hechos de violencia y represión del domingo, comenzaron a celebrarse los sepelios de los muertos a manos de la policía en Nochixtlán. Desde Código DH pudimos conocer un poco mejor la historia del joven Jesús Cadena, quien, bajo la lluvia, recibió Leer más¿Quién fue Jesús Cadena?[…]

Liberan a detenidos del pasado domingo en Nochixtlán

18 personas quienes fueron detenidas de manera arbitraria el pasado domingo 19 de junio en la población de Asunción Nochixtlán, Oaxaca fueron liberadas el día de hoy martes 21 de junio de 2016. Hasta el día de hoy se contabilizaban 27 personas detenidas en los distintos puntos donde se suscitaron enfrentamientos entre pobladores y Policías Leer másLiberan a detenidos del pasado domingo en Nochixtlán[…]

Dringender Handlungsbedarf |Espacio Civil de Oaxaca meldet humanitäre Alarmbereitschaft auf Grund eines bewaffneten Angriffs des Staates auf Zivilbevölkerung

An die internationale Gesellschaft   Umstände Am heutigen Tag, des 19. Juni 2016, sind wir Zeugen des extrem gewalttätigen Vorgehens des mexikanischen Staates bei der Unterdrückung des Magisteriums und der im Widerstand organisierten Bevölkerung in verschiedenen Regionen Oaxacas geworden, darunter der Isthmus de Tehuantepec, Nochixtlán und Oaxaca-Stadt. Unter Einsatz von exzessiver Gewalt sind mindestens 6 Leer másDringender Handlungsbedarf |Espacio Civil de Oaxaca meldet humanitäre Alarmbereitschaft auf Grund eines bewaffneten Angriffs des Staates auf Zivilbevölkerung[…]

18 Detenciones arbitrarias en el panteón de Nochixtlán

Hoy, martes 21 de junio, es un día de dolor en Asunción Nochixtlán. Cientos de personas se han reunido para despedir a Jesús Cadena, un joven asesinado el pasado domingo a manos de las Policía Federal durante los hechos de represión. Sin embargo, lo que todavía poca gente conoce, es que e sta represión tuvo Leer más18 Detenciones arbitrarias en el panteón de Nochixtlán[…]

L’AU Espace Civil de Oaxaca lance une alerte humanitaire après l’attaque armée de l’Etat contre la population civile

A la communité internationale   Faits En ce jour du 19 juin, nous avons été témoins de l’extrême violence des actions de l’Etat de Mexico pour réprimer les enseignants et la résistance organisée dans diverses zones de l’état de Oaxaca, incluant l’Istmo de Tehuantepec, Nochixtlan, et la ville de Oaxaca. En résultat de cet usage Leer másL’AU Espace Civil de Oaxaca lance une alerte humanitaire après l’attaque armée de l’Etat contre la population civile[…]

Asociaciones y organismos civiles firman una agenda de defensores de DH para el próximo Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas

        Como parte del proceso de selección del nuevo Secretario General (S-G) de la ONU, el cual  está en marcha en Nueva York desde el mes de abril, donde tuvieron lugar los candidatos, el Servicio Internacional de Derechos Humanos (ISHR) ha preparado el conjunto adjunto de las prioridades de las personas defensoras Leer másAsociaciones y organismos civiles firman una agenda de defensores de DH para el próximo Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas[…]

Urgent Appeal to the International Community from Oaxaca

  • The militarization of the electoral process shows a return to authoritarianism in Mexico
  • 56 NGOs Appeal to the International Community from Oaxaca

Mexico is facing an unprecedented political crisis. The violence that has taken place during the current electoral process—21 political assassinations during the campaign season—far surpasses that of previous national elections and it is the outcome of impunity, corruption, violence, and collusion with organized crime perpetrated by both political parties and the government at all three levels.

The mobilizations that are taking place in Mexico are the result of a profound institutional and political crisis, arising from the series of reforms—labor, fiscal, electoral, energy, and educational—passed without the consensus of the population and pushed by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto to benefit national and transnational businesses, not the majority of the population. […]

Wind projects and elections in the Isthmus: San Dionisio del Mar

sandionisioNoticiasNetSince the beginning of 2012, the Assembly of San Dionisio del Mar – in disagreement with the mismanagement of their municipal authority (Miguel López Castellanos) – occupied the Municipal Palace in expectation of a plausible explication about the changes in land use (to industrial) of the Santa Teresa sandbar which promoted the entry of the wind project of Mareña Renovables without any prior consultation to the community.

Today, more then three years later, the Municipal Palace is still occupied. The entry of the wind company divided the community. Finally, the project was not realized in San Dionisio del Mar but the conflict that divided the community is still ongoing and emerged in the elections in 2013 which the PSD (Partido Socialdemocrata de Oaxaca, Socialdemocrats) won by the margin of one vote, an election victory disputed by the PRI. Subsequently, this election was declared void by the Federal Electoral Tribunal.


Oaxaca: Eight years of impunity

On November 25, 2006 Oaxaca experienced one of the most brutal acts of repression in its history. That day more than 140 persons were arrested by the State Police and transferred to the state penitentiary El Rincón in Nayarit, other political prisoners were transferred to state prisons in Matamoros and the State of Mexico, as well as to prisons in Cosolapa, Miahuatlán and Tlacolula. 

Today we can observe the same practice with the detainees of October 20 in the City of Mexico who were taken to state prisons without any previous trials as actually prescribed by Mexican law. Violating the legal process of the arbitrarily arrested individuals clearly confirms the state judicial institutions have not yet changed.  […]

Members of the APPJ receive new threats during the consultation in Juchitán

consultajuchSING IN HERE

During the first phase of the consultation process that is currently taking place in Juchitán, with the objective of constructing a new wind power complex with 132 wind generators covering 5332 hectares in the municipality in charge of Energía Eólica del Sur (formerly Mareña Renovables).

This phase started on Monday, November 3 in the Ecological Forum of Juchitán. The purpose of this consultation process should be to guarantee the rights of indiginous and tribal people, other sectors of the society and citizens in general, with regard to their right to free, prior and informed consultation, which is why it is not acceptable under any circumstances that a process that pretends to guarantee rights violate other rights that have the same scope.

At midday on Wednesday,November 5, members of APPJ received a phone call on their mobile phones from a local phone number where they were asked: ”what have you done in the forum? You have nothing to do there”, “be prepared to face the consequences, you will know us”. This is the message three of the APPJ members received , a fourth person did not answer the call recognizing that all calls came from the same number. It is important to say that some suspicious persons among the participants had already been identified at this stage of the consultation process and other suspects in the corners outside of the forum as well […]

Workshop about Investigation of Torture iniciated by CODIGO DH, CCTI and the German Embassy starts today

diplomado* The seminar starts today at IISUABJO-CU and ends on December 6.

* It is necesarry to have experts who are specialized in the Istanbul Protocol.

Recognizing that one of the problems for the documentation of torture is the lack of training of civil servants who are responsible for the administration and the enforcement of law as well as public security, CODIGO DH observes the urgency to offer a comprehensive training to provide theoretical and methodological tools regarding the documentation of torture.

Therefore, together with the Collective against Torture and Impunity (Colectivo contra la Tortura y la Impunidad, CCTI), in coordination with the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (UABJO) and with the support of the German Embassy in Mexico, the first “Workshop about Investigation of Torture: Use of the Istanbul Protocol” will be held in the facilities of the Institute of Sociological Research of the Universidad Autónoma de Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (IISUABJO), starting September 19. There will be independent specialists and experts who work on the documentation of torture in medical, psychological and legal fields. […]

Juchitán defends its land like 148 years ago

appj*Juchitán remembers the battle of September 5, 1866, in which the Zapotecs defeated the imperial army during the french intervention.

*Today history repeats itself and the defense of their ground and territory continues.

For the people of Juchitan and the people of the Isthmus now facing an “invasion” of foreign investment to build more than 15 wind parks in the area, September 5 is of particular relevance. For the people of Juchitán, organised in the Popular Assambly of the People of Juchiteco (Asamblea Popular del Pueblo Juchiteco, APPJ) had begun a process of reconstruction of historical memory from defending their territory since last year; for them it is a date they remember as a day of fighting for the defense of their territory against foreign invasion which continues today in defense of the commons against the dispossessions of Gas Natural Fenosa which has built its wind park Bií Hioxho exactly where the battle was won in 1866.

In the collective memory there are the names of those who fought against the French: Albino Jiménez “BINU GADA”, Anastasio Castillo, Pedro Gallegos, Mariano Martínez, […]

Urgent Action: Oaxaca Land Rights Defenders Threatened

Amnesty International has issued an URGENT ACTION on account of threats to Oaxacan land rights defenders organisation Codigo DH, due to their accompaniment of the APPJ (Popular Assembly of the People of Juchitan)  in the Isthmus de Tehuantepec, eastern region of the state of Oaxaca. The defenders are being constantly threatened for opposing to Gas Leer másUrgent Action: Oaxaca Land Rights Defenders Threatened[…]

AU. We demand security for the APPJ members who are now facing threats


The Gobixha Committee for the Integral Defense of Human Rights (CODIGO DH) would like to express concern for the lack of institutional attention to the conflict generated by the construction of the wind farm Strength and Energy Bií Hioxo, owned by the Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) Company. This situation has generated a wave of vioExige-APJ-cese-de-hostigamiento-por-parte-de-Unión-Fenosa.lence against supporters of the Popular Assembly of the People of Juchitán (APPJ). We are concerned about the indifference of the authorities and their lack of action during the last eight months.

The last act of violence against members of the APPJ took place on Sunday, August 25, when they where attacked by gunshots at the summit of the place named Chigueeze, inside the area of the Bií Hioxo park. These actions took place approximately at noon when APPJ members were walking on communal lands to document the effects of the wind farm project. At this time they were stopped by armed men in a white […]

AI: Women Human Rights Defenders Threatened

  • Two women activists, both members of a human rights organization in Oaxaca State, southern Mexico, are being threatened and harassed.

Human rights defender Alba Cruz Ramos received a threatening text message on 30 April. It was similar to threats she had received before: it called her “mum” (mami) and it said that there was still unfinished business, the senders intended not to repeat the threat but to act on it. Alba Cruz Ramos, a lawyer coordinator at human rights organization Human Rights Integral Defense Committee (Comité de Defensa Integral de Derechos Humanos Gobixha AC, CODIGO-DH), has been receiving protection measures since 2007 from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos) to provide protection against threats for her human rights work.

Another human rights defender working with CODIGO-DH, Susana Ramírez, was arrested and released after 34 hours in custody. She was not ill-treated, but CODIGO-DH believe her arrest was in reprisal for her […]

Susana Ramírez is Released without Chargues

*Defender Susana Ramirez was released due the lack of crime elements against her, after more than 34 hours arbitrarily detained.

*CODIGO DH condemns the arbitrary arrests on May 1st made by the municipal police and requires an investigation committed to the law.

On past May 1st a protest was conducted in the City of Oaxaca, in which several confrontations occurred between protesters and the municipal police, this originated the detention of 28 people, in between them 7 minors. Most of them where arbitrary detentions and where against young people that were in that place, such is the case of the defender Susana Ramirez, whose guarantees where violated to an owing legal process from the moment of her detention.


Justice for Betty and Jyri, 3 years of Impunity

bety-jyriOn April 27, 2010, Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola, of Finnish nationality, were murdered on their way to San Juan Copala as part of a humanitarian caravan. They were on an observatory human rights mission to learn about the reality of living conditions in said county, which for five months had been besieged by UBISORT (acronym for Social Welfare Unit for the Triqui Region). The events occured in the uppermost region of La Sabana, Copala.

Three years after these lamentable events, impunity reigns. The efforts of the federal and state authorities to find the perpetrators and masterminds of these events has been seriously lacking. While there have been some attempts, but so far no one has been punished for these crimes. And even though arrest warrants have been issued, they have not been executed. […]